01424 5523451.  My prescription is over 12 months old, can I still use it?

A Yes, although we would strongly recommend a new eyetest to make sure things are tip-top! Sometimes, it's not just about how well you can see! Healthy Eyes

2.  Is there a limit on prescriptions for the Optical clips?

A. We look at each prescription as it arrives and assess the best aesthetics of the lenses, usually any prescription between +/- 4.00DS with cyls +/- 2.00DC is absolutely fine, if there is anything you need to know in relation to your prescription, we will always email you before progressing the order.

3.  How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Non-Optical orders are between 5-7 days shipping, optical orders are normally up to 10 days. If you want it quicker, just let us know and we will try our best!

4.  Why do you insist on having a copy of my prescription?

A. Legally, we have to have your certified prescription to dispense your order, sorry, but without this we will not place any orders.

5.  What do you do with my information?

A. Your information is held on a secure, private database in a secure location, no individual or company outside of our own business has access to your personal details and they never will!

6.  Can I have the main lenses on the sunglasses made to my prescription?

A. You can, the issue that we have found with this is that the lenses are quite expensive and if you damage them they have to be replaced! You will be seriously out of pocket! The simple way to get corrective vision in your sports glasses is to have an insert, this way, you also get to have loads of extra/spare lens options too.

7.  Can I have an appointment to see someone with the products?

A. Yes, appointments can be made by email or by calling the Simply Vision Opticians on 01424 552345

8.  Can I try before I buy?

A. Yes, please call our partners as Simply Vision on 01424 552345 or email them to arrange a consultation at the store!

9.  What do I do if things are not right?

A. Let us know first if things are not quite right, tell us before your friends and give us the chance to sort it out for you! We are nice people and that can go a long way in getting it right for you!

10.  Can I tell everyone that you gave me a great service?

A. Absolutely, Facebook, tweets and word of mouth are our favourite things, we may even give you a pressie for telling everyone!!