RUDY PROJECT RYDON (includes prescription lenses)

Please enter your RIGHT EYE prescription as required
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If you require varifocals, please enter your READING ADD, if you require Single Vision distance or reading, please enter 0.00
This is the distance between each pupil of your eye which gives us the centre position of your lenses, it is usually between 54-72mm
Enter the date of your sight test and the Optical practice where you were seen, we may need to verify your prescription with opticians.

RYDON PRESCRIPTION - Features and benefits

Rudy Project has created prescription optical clips that fit in snugly behind the non-prescription main sunglass lenses. The patented "easy-in, easy-out" system enables insetion or removal of our clips with ease. Your can manage varying light conditions by swapping your main lenses while minimizing the investment for additional prescription lenses.    

We will create your Single Vision prescription lenses with the following standard features:

  1. Thin, lightweight toughened lens materials
  2. UV and Anti-Glare to provide unsurpassed clarity of vision in all conditions
We will not compromise on quality or charge you 'extras' for basic requirements that you need for superior optical performance.


Rydon is the legendary multivalent Rudy Project eyewear available in many configurations for sun protection or sight correction. Unifying seamlessly advanced technology with materials science, Rydon combines ergonomic features with advanced materials to create a super-lightweight, versatile and powerful product.



The temples of these multi-sport sunglasses are made with Kynetium, a revolutionary aerospatial aluminum which combines magnesium, silicon and titanium to create sunglasses that are incredibly lightweight (magnesium), durable (titanium) and flexible (silicon).